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YOU GOD DAMNED DRAFT DODGER!  You are probably one of that thpse that ran and hid during vietname into the Air national guard just like Bush did!  You sit here and beat the drums of wat and talk about how we need to bomb civiliamms in Iraq and Afghanistan and Korea to satisfy yout sickening bloodlust.  I know your type.  You are a cowardly draft dodger!  Thereby nothing you have to say is relevant.

F@*k off



Yeah, you're right I was cowardly during the vietnam war.  I hid behind the fact that I was -7 years old when it started, -4 years old in 1968 when it was at it's height, and -1 years old when Senator Kerry was shooting his mouth off in front of Congress telling lies about our soldiers who were dying every day in the face of communist expansion.

I admit it.  I was a coward.  If I had REALLY wanted to serve this country I should have forced my mom and dad to concieve me sooner and then accelerate my growth process so that I would have been eligible to die for my country.

Is that the best argument you've got against my writtings?


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