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You are SO FAR out in right field on the marriage issue for gay couples.  It has absolutely NOTHING to do with rights.  It has to do with our FREEDOM and that is something that you claim to be all for.

We have the FREEDOM to marry just like all other heterosexual couples have the FREEDOM to marry.  But like most conservatives you just don't get the real concept of freedom no matter how much you want us to believe you do.



I noticed that you didn't actually refute anything that I said but instead simply went on the premise of the blanket statement that I am simply wrong.  The problem however is that it is you that are wrong.  You are wrong because you completely ignored the fact that marriage is a religious institution and that the privelege of marrying is granted by that institution.  Claiming that marriage is just a "freedom" that we all have completely ignores the roots of marriage.

Now if you want to refute that please by all means try.

You are saying that we have the "freedom" to do whatever we want.  Which we don't.  "Freedom" is bounded by our laws and the rights of others.  Our "rights" include "freedom of religion" not "freedom to marry".  The end result is that if your religion allows the marriage then you can marry.  If not, then tough luck.

We have to stick to the facts on this and not change the words to suit our own purposes.

If it comes down to, as you like to call it, "freedom" to marry then where is the line drawn?  Do we allow the brother and sister to marry because it is their "freedom" to do so?  Do we allow the man who loves his dog to marry it because it is his "freedom" to do so?  Do we allow the woman who loves her shoes to marry them because it is her "freedom" to do so?  Do we allow the pedophile who loves his 8 year old neighbor to marry the child because it is his "freedom" to do so?  The answer is no because marriage is not a freedom in and of itself.  It is about freedom of religion and the definition of marriage based upon that religion, specifically the Judeo-Christian religion upon which this nation is founded.

And in Judeo-Christian faith "marriage" is defined as a union between two persons one of whom happens to be a man and the other of which happens to be a woman.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
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