Your whole argument against gays being allowed to wed is exactly the same argument that was used for years to deny black men the rgiths to marry white women and deny them other civil rights.  Only a bigot would even try to prevent gays from having their civlil rights.



Like so many others you are coming in and making a blanket statement that I am wrong...well...because I am.  If you are going to make such a claim at least first you MUST put some effort into disproving my line of reasoning that marriage is not a "right".  If you wish to do so please try again.  Otherwise anything you have to say is really moot because it amounts to nothing other than trying to shout louder than the other person, attempting to frustrate and then claiming victory without victory.

To even compare the desire of homosexuals to marry with the plight and suffering of blacks in this country during the times of slavery is an insult to blacks and former slaves.  It is an insult because the whole concept of slavery violated one key tennet of our founding which was "that all men are created equal".

A black man/woman is created black.  To treat them differently based upon their skin color is hideous.  To prevent a black man from marrying a white woman is also hideous because it denies them their right of equal creation which is color blind.  To try and equate two women or two men wanting to marry to any two persons of any color, one male and one female, wanting to marry completely ignores the concept of what "marriage" is.

Homosexuals are not "created" that way.  It is rather easy to prove.  If one is created gay then there could be no such thing a bi-sexuals because this person is half gay and half straight.  Now I suppose that you could attempt to argue that bi-sexuality is also an effect of creation however I would see that as an attempt to deflect the issue by ignoring that if the person was indeed homosexual then they would not want to be with someone of the opposite sex as bi-sexuals clearly are.  They choose to one time be homosexual and another time choose to be heterosexual.  There are also cases of these girls currently in high school preforming lesbian acts as part of a "fad" but that can't possibly be true if homosexuality is indeed an effect of "creation" and not a choice.

But instead you come here without any evidence to the contrary and no line of reasoning to make an arguement.  Instead you resort to hollow name calling which doesn't even phase me.


Jeffrey J. Jackson
The Land of the Free

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