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From Emmy:

you and bush can both burn in hell with your hate and the comtemp you have for those of us trying to make this country a batter place by promoting getting wealth out of the handsof corrupt corporations that are stealing it from myself and all other whard working Americans and yes they are stealing it from us by reaping uge profits and paying only a few dollars per hour while we can not even afford good housing cars and food for our kids and we have to struggle to make ends meets each day and worry about if our children will have enough food to eat while big oil continues to choke off the worlds supply of gasoline and goiuge us with prices over 2 sollard a gallon to the point where I can not even affrod o drive to work most days you will be sorry when the people revolt against you and your kind 

Dear Emmy:

Wow.  First, might I suggest this website:  Might be a good source.  And please remember to come up air and perhaps breakup that terribly run-on sentence with a little punctuation.  Let me guess, you voted for John Kerry didnít you?


Yeah, Iím evil for working hard at two jobs to make money and increase the taxes to the government which you apparently get in the form of welfare to help you survive.  No one with the lack of ability you have shown above could possibly be gainfully employed.  Oh, and maybe if you have to worry about feeding your family perhaps you should look at doing away with luxury items such as internet access and e-mail accounts.  Just a thought.


Oh, and can I get fries with that?


Jeffrey J. Jackson
The Land of the Free
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