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I was wondering with your talk about guns being good and all if you actually own any guns yourself?



You bet I do.  Currently I own a Sturm & Ruger P944T .40 autoloader which is the civilian version of the S&R police .40 pistol.  It is nice and quick to unload and doesn't require any cocking to chamber the first round which is why I chose it and the likleyhood of anyone surviving a 10 round clip of Federal .40 hollow points is going ot be slim ot none.  The .40 used to be an odd caliber but has been becoming a lot more popular lately.

Both my wife and I go to the shooting range at least once a month (as long as our schedules permit) and take practice.  We of course hope to never have to use it against another person but we sure are ready if that need does arise.  

The .40 is for home defense and always loaded and unlocked.  I don't buy into the theory of locking up guns and keeping them unloaded.  When it comes to my family's safety time is precious and I refuse to be playing around with a trigger lock when a bad guy is in the house.  Currently I am looking at getting another firearm for personal carry protection but haven't found one that I particularly like yet.  The .40 is nice but a little big to use for personal carry I feel.  Looks great on a belt holster, but not so good for concealed carry.  We are also looking for a firearm for my wife to conceal carry as well.

In the future we will get a long rifle as well most likely however for the time being we are sticking with hand guns for home defense.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
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