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You Republicons are all alike.  YUou call the democratic party the big spenders but look at what the Republicons have done!  The have wasted billions on a war for oil to satiosfy Haliburton and Papa Bush!



First point, please note that I am a conservative.  I am not a "Republican".  I am registered to vote "Republican" because I want to have a say in who the more conservative of the two major political parties puts out there on election day.  I repeat.  I am not a "Republican".  If I were I would have never voted for a Democrat, which I have when they are more conservative.

Secondly, you are right that the Republicans are turning into the same big spenders same as their Democratic colleagues.  You get no argument there.

Thirdly, if it was a war for oil,  why am I paying $1.99 per gallon at the pump?  I would LOVE to hear your answer to that.

Maybe you forgot that it was Saddam that invaded Kuwait and was summarily kicked out by the United States lead UN.  Don't forget that it was Saddam that agreed to a cease fire in order to save his own ass.  Don't forget that it was Saddam that fired on our aircraft enforcing the ceasefire.  Don't forget that it is was Saddam that agreed to document his destruction of WMDs he HIMSELF admitted he had.  Don't forget that it was HIS nuclear program that was exported to Libya and discovered when Libya realized they were next.

Don't forget history.  But I know that TRYING to forget history makes your attempt at justifying the "war for oil" argument easier.  Who was going to rebuild the Iraqi oil fields decimated under Saddam?  You?  Don't make me laugh.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
The Land of the Free

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