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From cR4X0r:

You sit there an preach about a judge's right to display the 10 commandments in a court house without any thought for how displaying such crap affects other people.  Those principles are not my principles and I don't appreciate being exposed to them.  It IS forcing your religious beliefs upon me and that is not somethign that ANYone in this nation should be allowed to do to another person.

Aside from it's simple and easy to notice violation of the separation of church and state and the 1st Amendment, pushing beliefs upon me violates the inalienable rights to life liberty and happiness that you cite else where.  We can't just go around doing these kinds of things or allowing others to do them simply because of these violations.

That monument had to be moved.  It was an affront to all decent people of this country.

Dear cR4X0r:

You argument while fascinating, is fraught with several perilous opinions.  I have heard them before, you are not the first.

The problem is that your assertion of is based on the concept that exposing ANYONE to ANYTHING is forcing that thing upon them.  Such a line of reasoning is indeed dangerous.  Based upon that theory a gay pride parade on a public street would be considered forcing someone's religious beliefs upon someone who's religion does not accept homosexuality. 
Should we through them in jail at that moment?  After all this would be considered exposing people to a religious belief same as you claim the monument forces Judeo-Christian beliefs upon others.   I know some will try to argue this away saying that those that do not accept such acts are bad people and even intolerant.  But that is an attempt to steer debate away from the original topic when it becomes clear that one's assertions contradict one's ultimate beliefs.

The fact of the matter is that simply seeing or being exposed to something does not inherently harm anyone.  If this were true then as above simply me driving down the road and seeing a Jewish temple or a mosque would constitute having religion forced upon me by others.

To keep from treading down this dangerous path of anything that one sees that doesn't abide with their belief systems interferes with their beliefs, we cannot adopt it.  We cannot adopt it simply because 1) it is foolish and 2) impossible to live life without outside influence.

There is no separation of church and state in the first amendment.  And I quote, "
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".  It does not say that elected or appointed officials are prohibited from expressing religious beliefs.  It also does not say that there are certain places where free religion is not allowed to be practiced such as in the public courthouse.

This section of the Constitution does not prohibit the country from being religious.  What it means is that Congress cannot say you will be of (insert religion here) faith or else.  This was why many people fled England originally.  Remember?

The point is that there was no crime committed because there can be no law against the free expression of this religion.  If there can be no law and no crime committed then the court has no jurisdiction to hear any case dealing with it.  And if the court has no jurisdiction then Chief Justice Moore cannot be suspended and the court cannot order the monument removed.  It is really pretty basic concepts of law.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
The Land of the Free

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