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Rich (from parts unknown)

I just read your paper "A Nation of Laws".  You speak of morality coming from a higher authority than man and I agree.  But I was curious as to what exactly your religion is.


Beleive it or not, you are not the first person to ask this since I restarted this site.

I don't really have one.  I am a religious man.  I believe in God and Jesus as the son of God which makes me a christian but other than that I don't see organized religion as a source of comfort for myself.  I feel that I am a smart enough man to read the Bible and understand christianity without being led around and having scriptures interpretted for me.

I was raised Presbyterian and do attend church now and again.  I do not feel that going to church makes one a good christian.

My general feeling is that the Bible while based on true events it is distorted by human perception and has been re-written and overly translated to the point where it is not a be all and end all documentation of events.  There are good lessons taught and the overall message is strong and resounds strongly with me.

I do quote the Bible but not as a histrotic document.  I quote it to summerize the lessons that are important and ring true with me.  I also quote it often to counter those that use other quotes out of context which is often the greatest injustice that some will do to the philosophy.  But pulling singular lines out of a larger passage often leads to misreading of the understanding of the words.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
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