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Jeff, I was just wondering what news sources you read?  As a fellow conservative I find that getting accurate news and information isn't always possible and wanted to know what you recomend.



You want the truth?  I read anything I can.  Daily I read the websites of the following papers:
The New York Post
The LA Times
The Washington Post
The Washington Time
The San Francisco Chronicle
The Boston Globe
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The Pittsburgh Tribune Review

I also read the following news web sites daily:
The Drudge Report
Frontpage Magazine
WorldNet Daily

I TRY and listen to the following radio shows daily, however because I am in sales I hear MAYBE 2 hours at most on most days because I am visiting clients:
The Warroom with Jim Quinn and Rose (archived daily on their web site)
Glenn Beck
Neil Boortz
Rush Limbaugh (only when I am in the boon docks and can't get Mr. Boortz)
Sean Hannity
Talkshow American with J.R. (available on his web site as streaming audio 24/7)

Also the good folks over at Free Conservatives are good at posting articles from other sources as well so I get articles from there a lot as well.

Its a lot of information, but that is my daily info source.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
The Land of the Free

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