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Hey, GREAT site.  I got here via the thread over at Free Conservatives (I lurk I don't post) where you stepped into remind the "Nobody But Bush" crowd how compromise eventually kills your beliefs.  Good job.  Even though I think that some of the people on that board just don't get the whole point of your warnings I think that many do as evident by how few are actually going around on the issue.

I think President Bush is a good man and I am voting for him in November, but if there was a real conservative candidate available, someone who thinks more like you and me, I would be seriously tempted to vote for them.

Keep up the good site.



Why thank you.  I actually get a lot of through clicks from Free Conservatives and am not adverse to stepping on toes over there when I have to.  It happens quite often.

I agree with you, as you already know, that conservatives who are crying "Nobody but Bush" are as equally asinine as the socialists screaming "Anybody but Bush".  Eventually enough conservative do have to draw their lines in the sand and say "NO more".

Only when we start holding our elected officials, including the President, responsible if they don't live up to our expectations will they start actually doing the will of the people.  President Bush isn't perfect, but if conservatives get tunnel vision and refuse to stand up for their core values then they become no better than the "moderates" that run the Republican Party.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
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