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<------Snipped from a long, rambling email from an upset liberal----->
Problum is that their ar not any jobs for me out their or for nyone i know either.  I have a good edjucation and have ben laid off for about 2 years now from my job.  I know lots of people dont think that mecanics are important but they are.  Their just isnt the work for me.  I have ben working temp work for those 2 years and keeping my head above the water.  Thanks to my wife who works as a nurse work we are able to still make a good living because the union pays her good but works her 50 hours a week.

We need two create these what you would call "McJobs" two keep this contrys work force emploied and chugging along.  If it takes washington two do this then they should because we need the jobs.  Because you just can not trust for people to do anything other than watch they're own money and not create new work.

Goverment needs two help us out because people like Haliburrton and Geroge Bush wont do it because they have there money and are two greedy and want to make more and more and dont know what it is like to earn a paycheck each week and pay the bills.

R. J.


I am not usually one to criticize spelling and grammar because I certainly make my own fair number of such mistakes, however to claim that you have a "
good edjucation (sic)" and have that many spelling and grammar errors in your letter (and note I only cut and pasted the last about 3rd of it) I think speaks contrary to that assertion.

I don't know why you have not been able to find work however I would hazard to guess that the above might just have a small part to play in it.  Even mechanics need to speak and write properly.

And good for your wife bless her heart!  The medical field is very important.  And it is obvious that she makes enough money for you to be able to afford to look for a job AND spend time browsing the internet and responding to web sites that you disagree with.  Suggestion if I may?  Don't waste the 10 minutes you spent writing that email to me writing that email.  Instead use those 10 minutes to look for work.

50 hours is certainly a long work week when you add commuting on top of that.  However I work a good 50 hours at my "real job" each week as well.  On top of that I spend another good 20 hours each week minimum on this site and my other business endeavors.

So in summary there is probably a reason you haven't found work yet and I am not certain it is because there is no work.  Check your work, and spend your time more wisely.

When you are willing to work hard the sky is the limit.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
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