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Eric in Pennsylvania writes:

So?  What do you think now that we have failed miserably to establish a democracy in Iraq?

Been reading some of your rah rah go go US rhetoric on this site which I wont visit again and I find it so typical of you conservatives to run in with your guns a blazing and then spin the crap out of everything once your plans don't work.


Good to see you found the site.  But I must contest your assertion that we "failed miserably" to establish a government in Iraq.

I don't know what you expected, but I will take a guess.  You expected perhaps a perfect scenario.  And by doing this you in essence set up this country for failure.  You envision complete sucess as we march in, find WMDs on the first day, hit Baghdad, destroy Saddam, turn around and march out leaving behind a strong new government all in 3 days or so.

Such a possition is niave.  If you go back and look at even the birth of our own country it took years of debate and hard work to set forth a republic on this continent.  And ever since it's inception people have been trying to undermine it or skirt the message in our founding documents.  Heck they tried to install George Washington as a perminant leader which is clearly against anything that the Constitution provides.

Republican government like that which exists in the US does not just spring forth from nothing.  I know some people don't understand that, but it really does take a lot of hard work, desire and ultimately commitment.

Many people don't want to do any of that effort.  Its sad but true.  They want to just have everything handed to them.

The old sayings are still true today.  Nothing good comes easy and hard work is the key to all sucess.  Building Iraq into a country that can stand on its own two feet is going to take time.  I never said that it would happen in a few short weeks.  Look at how long we had to work at Japan after WWII for a good example.  And I certainly never said that Iraq would become a democracy.  Iraq will become what it becomes.  And if it falls into the same scenario of aiding terrorists that seek to destroy the US or violates human rights even as the UN documents such things we will pave the earth in that country again and again until they learn from their mistakes.

Saddam compares to only a few historical figures.  The most notable which you will recognize was Hitler.  To even insinuate that the people of Iraq are worse off now than under his rule is absurd on it's face.  And in that aspect we have most certainly suceeded.

Jeffrey J. Jackson
The Land of the Free

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