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San Diego,CA

Trying to be a RUsh clone eh?  Why is it that all I see on your site is regurgitated rhetoric from that tub-o-lard's program?  Maybe he'd like to know that you are steeling his material after all.  Although you do a terrible job of it.

Mbe you should stick to what ever your "other" job is that yhou keep saying you work hard at.  You are apparently better at that than this.  Here's amd article you might like to read (link removed for obscene content that included President Bush and donkey).  Must be all those fumes from the steel mills up there in Pittsburg that cause you not to be able to think and see straight when it comes to politics.

Laters looser.


First thank you for visiting my site.   However a few points I would like to address.

First, what actually is your beef with what I put on the site?  You talk a lot about "regurgitated rhetoric" but don't actually pick out anything in particular and dispute it.  I welcome your input on anything that is incorrect so long as you can show viable counter evidence.

Secondly, Rush is not a tub-o-lard.  He's lost a lot of weight apparently since the last time you saw him.  But why with the name calling?  Just state facts to correct something if you feel it is wrong.

Thirdly, I haven't stolen anything form Rush.  What is on this site are ideas in my head.  If they happen to coincide with what Rush or any other more prominent conservative thinks it doesn't mean I stole them.  I can think for my self thank you very much.

Fourthly, its Maybe, not Mbe.

Fifthly, my "other" job is as a salesman.  I am on the road a lot and visiting with clients.  I don't subscribe to Rush's site and at best I catch an hour of his show Monday and Friday during lunch and MAYBE 2 or 3 hours at most Tuesday-Thursday while I am on the road.  So that would inhibit my ability to be steeling material from him.

Sixthly, I live in has an "h" on it.  Why?  Because we like it that way damn it.  And I think you have a 1940's view of the area.  Contrary to your belief that the mills up here are alive and polluting I think you should actually come up to the present day.  Aside from the generally rainy and cloudy weather it is rather pleasant.

Seventhly, nice link.  Can't actually come up with an argument to counter the president so you make a sick little cartoon that has no basis in reality?

Feel free to write back when have something constructive to say and actually want to have a discussion instead of insulting people, and doing a bad job of it too.  Come on!  My friend's used to tell "Yo Mamma" jokes that were more well though out that your e-mail!


Jeffrey J. Jackson
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