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The Land of the Free Patriot Award

The Patriot Award for veterans and active miitary personnel The Land of the Free's Patriot Award is given to the web sites of active duty military personnel and veterans of the United States military to thank them for their service to this country.  To be eligible for the Award you either need to be active in the military, a veteran who has been honorably discharged from the armed services or a group composed of such people.

If you operate a site or know of a site that qualifies, PLEASE let me know because thanking those that serve and those that have served is very important to me.

Receiving and displaying this award in NO way obligates you to provide a link back to The Land of the Free.  This is our way of recognizing you, not the other way around.

God Bless ALL of our men and women of the United States armed forces who keep this country free.

Award Recipients:
Swift Boat Veterans For Truth (7/29/04)
CyberSarges (7/29/04)
USMC Vietnam Veterans of 3rd Bridge Company Website (7/29/04)
Sgt. Pleiku's Place (7/29/04)
Seeking D-1-41 Inf. Veterans (7/29/04)
Combat Vets Against John Kerry (8/19/04)

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