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Calm down and take a breath.  There is nothing to see here and there are REAL problems that need addressing.  We cannot waste our time tilting at windmills. (A Commie Under Every Rock)


[N]ot once, not EVER during the Clinton years did we decrease the debt of the United States.  How can that be?  The liberal Democrats tell us that we were running a surplus and paying down the debt.  Why would they lie? (The Surplus Falacy)


Politicians will, more often than not, tell us that they understand the problem and present a plan that sounds reasonable to solve it.  However they will, after several years, adjust the plan until it no long resembles the initial and sound solution and causes more harm than good.


Personally I get rather tired of the attitude of government Marxists that think they know what is best for me and think that our money is really their money.  Make no mistake, that is exactly what the plan being put forth by Kennedy and others entails; government control of money they see as rightfully theirs. (Kennedy Lays DNC Plan For Social Security)

Socialism isn't at the door.  It has come in, wiped its shoes, gotten a beer out of the fridge, put its feet up and is currently reaching for the remote control.


"Free Speech" does not mean that the government must provide you with a platform from which to speak or that private citizens must give you such a platform.  It only means that the government cannot haul you off to jail for saying what you think.  Or in the case of liberals what they "feel".*

*There is ONE exception to the concept of being allowed to freely speak of one's sentiments.  Article III Section 3 says that if your speech gives aid and comfort to the enemy you can be hauled off to jail.

You don’t have a “right” to work for XYZ Corp.  XYZ Corp does not have an obligation to hire you; to pay you the salary you want; to give you a 401k package; to give you 2 weeks of vacation; or give you any other perk you can dream up. (Sorry Workers, But Companies Have Rights Too)

Only Democrats could elect someone to head their party who openly states his "hate" for people.  "I hate Republicans and everything they stand for". - Howard Dean

The Theory of Evolution is a Theory.  If it was proven to be true it would not be a Theory.

Surprisingly however the fault (over the forged memo about President Bush's National Guard service) appears to be being laid at the feet of a disproportionate number of women.  Hmmmm I wonder when the gals from NOW will show up on this issue! (I'd Rather Have the Truth)

I guess we can say that John Kerry voted for Ms. Rice before he voted against her now as well. (Both Sides of Kerry's Mouth)

Evolutionists decry Creationists for saying that God created man from nothing.  But how do their think that their "common" ancesstor had to be made?  Didn't it come from "nothing"?

Did you know that the radical liberals have finally found a black woman they didn't want to fight for?  Her name is Condoleezza Rice.

Left wing members of the Democratic Party try and portray President Bush as not having a record on civil rights.  Did they miss the liberation of millions of people of color and millions of oppressed women in Asia and the middle east?

The biggest threat to liberals are conservative minorities that don't need their "generocity".

Mankind makes nothing that nature does not allow.  "Pollutants" as they are called are all made by nature just as they are by man but you don't hear liberals trying to legislate volcanoes out of existance do you?

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