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We don't tax wealth in this country.  We only tax the generation and transfer of it.  And the elite rich wouldn't have it any other way.  Not all rich people mind you, just the ones that we keep electing to political office.

What is the difference between the government taking tax money from you to give to the financially strapped guy down in the projects so that he can buy a house and the guy just coming into your home and taking the money out of your wallet?  Why its so simple.  With the government involved it is illegal for you not to help where as if the government wasn't involved it would be illegal for him to take it.  A pretty good racket no?

Life is not always black and white, but when we concede that everything must be a shade of gray we have become defeated and without focus.

Governments keep secrets.  Its what they do.  If governments didn't know more than the populace they wouldn't be needed.

A nation who forfeits its right to self determination and grants those rights to another is a conquered nation.

Courage is saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done, not saying what people want you to say and doing what they want you to do.

The fact that something has never been seen does not qualify us to say it does not exist.  However we must shy away from proclaiming an existence simply because we feel that it must.

If you know that 100% of the people walking on the street were carrying guns would you as a criminal even think about mugging someone?

We do not have nuclear weapons today because we are greedy, power hungry capitalists.  We have nuclear weapons today because if we didn't get the bomb first during World War II, the Germans or Japanese would have and would have used it to annihilate us and our way of life.

The Devil eventually consumes the soul of even his staunchest advocates.

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