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How are modern liberals like pigeons?  Often times they are homeless and smell bad.  If you give them a handout of something they desire they flock to you in droves, make some noise and hang around at your feet begging for more.  Not one of them will ever give you anything in return or thank you.  If you do something they don't like or scare them they cause a big flap.    If a larger, smarter bird moves in and attacks them they immediately find somewhere else to go and cause problems.  They often travel in large groups wandering aimlessly and getting in your way without a care for any inconvenience they cause.  They crap all over you if the desire strikes them and without hesitation.

If you look at a two glasses, one of which is empty and the other of which is full, you must fight the urge to take half of the full glass and give it to the empty one.  Rather you must understand the reasons behind the empty glass and know that there is a good chance that no mater how much you take from the full glass the empty one will always wind up empty again until both have nothing.

Courage is easy when others agree with you.  But the true test of courage is when one has the strength and conviction in one's beliefs to stand alone and without anyone else to back them up.

The greatest way to gain power is to divide groups of people and then convince them that they need you to solve the problem that you yourself have created for them.

I believe in peace through not only superior firepower and the unwavering desire to use it when necessary.  If a man fires a gun at you with the intent of killing you but fails, you don't threaten him with the use of a superior weapon.  You actually pull out your larger gun and put a bullet between his eyes.  Thus you have achieved peace.  Your enemy is dead.

There is no greater cause that we should celebrate than the cause of those that have died or may tomorrow die so that we to this day shall remain free.

Socialism works as long as you kill all the capitalists, don't mind living in poverty, and never complain loud enough for the government to hear you.

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