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Diplomacy is often a lot like masturbation.  Sure you feel good afterwards but now you have a new mess to clean up.

We are a nation founded under God.  But we are also a nation that realizes the advantage of freedom of religion.  We do not force a religion upon are people.  That being said however we are still one nation under God.

A car that gets 100 miles to the gallon but goes only 5 miles per hour serves little purpose.  Such as with all things we must weigh each benefit against the others.

I believe that all men are to be treated equal regardless of skin tone or religious beliefs and should be afforded the same opportunity as one another.  That is why I find programs such as affirmative action and hate crime legislation as unneeded.

A murder is a murder.  It does not matter the skin color of the murderer and the murderee.

Removing God's influence from our laws would render us as though you took the gills from a fish.  We would surely drown.

People are the cause of the suffering of not only them selves, but other people as well.  No suffering has ever come to anyone without the involvement of the hand of man.

When an idiot speaks the truth, it is still the truth.

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