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Some people wonder why I think that we should lock up all the criminals and keep them there.  It's simple really.  If you lock up all the criminals then they are not on the streets to ruin the liberties of us law abiding Americans.  That is except for those criminals that we don't know about yet because they have not committed any crimes.  Since we can't know about the criminals that have yet to act upon their intentions except through sheer luck or their own stupidity then that is something we have to live with.  However to continually release and re-release offenders and repeat offenders and endanger the well being of our citizenry is an idea only the most compassionate could even desire.  I for one do not think it is at all intelligent or even compassionate to knowingly increase the number of criminals that roam our streets.  I have no compassion for criminals.  I do have compassion for the law abiding citizens of this country.  Thus keep them locked up and forget about the key.

Politician?  Isn't that from the ancient Roman word politicus which losely translates to mean the desire to ram a large, unlubricated pole into another human being 's rectum?

How are politicians like my auto mechanic?  First of all they like to talk in words that they don't think you understand.  When you show that you do understand what they are saying they begin to make up words and other conditions that are not remotely possible in an attempt to confuse you.  After that they will point to the oil filter and call it the carburetor and if you correct them they will just continue on even as if they were right in the first place.  Then they will spend three hours under the hood.  And finally after I get my car back it still has the same problem it did when I brought it in and I am poorer for the result.

Government, even that which is by the popular consent of the people, seeks to control.  It is the basic calling and function of government.

Some governments will try to pacify the people with enough freedom to soothe their appetite while continuing to repress the true nature of the human spirit.  These governments seek to provide enough so that the people are clothed and fed and have some approved comforts while continuing to administer the remainder of men's lives and provide enough for the people to keep them dependent upon government.  Their belief will be that keeping the people dependent upon them just enough will quell the desire of rebellion for if rebellion occurs they would surely loose that which government does provide.  Again such things fight against the natural will of men.

Any gathering of politicians I think should be renamed to "Prick Waving Contests".  I mean that's really what all the politicians do is wave their pricks about trying to feel more important than they really are.  "LOOK at me!  I've got a huge prick!  I am important!"  I just wish that they would stop fingering their pricks and start growing some balls.

You see that guy over there?  The one with the big honking rocket launcher?  You think he gives a damn about your hangnail.  He wants to see you dead and thus acheive victory for his side.  -Widowmaker (aka Jeff Jackson) QUAKE, uttered in an arbitraty deathmatch room during Vermillion Sqadron vs. [name deleted] duel.

The third world war will be fought over religion with religious fanatics leading the charge.

Those that come to this country because they claim to believe in what it stands for but don't respect our country enough to obey the immigration laws do not understand what this country really stands for.

In our world, force and power are respected; use of force and power is feared;  unwillingness to use force and power seen as weakness.

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