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Courts over the years have held that often we are not responsible for our own actions.  That is of course unless you have a large bank account.  Then you bear full responsibility for everything that has ever happened.

There is a time and a place for war.  Such a time is when your enemy has made it abundantly clear that they can not be reasoned with.

It takes no courage or honor to have others fight your battles for you.  It takes true courage and honor to stand in the face of adersity, against all odds, your back to the wall, the dragon in your face, and your sword held high knowing that there help may never arrive, but still willing to die for what you believe in and to protect those that count on you the most.  -Kyel Mourningblade (aka Jeff Jackson) Paladin of Truth, EverQuest, uttered on Terris-Thule Server June 15th, 2001.

Liberty is the fine art of balancing absolute anarchy with government intrusion.

Adding a ton of new government one feather at a time is no differnet than adding it one brick at a time which is no different than adding it as a single block of concrete.  In the end you still have a ton of new regulation.

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