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Ok here is my imitation of every major Democrat in Congress.  Ahem:
"I am for a war in Iraq as long as Clinton is in charge."
"I am for a war in Iraq as long as the popular consensus is that we need to go there."
"I am for a war in Iraq as long as the UN approves our right to defend our sovereign nation."
"I am for a war in Iraq until we loose even a single soldier and even then I am still for it but not as strongly."
"I am for a war in Iraq as long as it lasts less than 3 months after which time Iraq should be self sufficient."
"I am for a a war in Iraq but I am deeply troubled that some of the evidence may not be accurate even though it never bothered me before this point that such a thing might be true."
"I was for the war in Iraq but since we haven't found WMDs they obviously don't exist even though every major country and the UN believed that they did."
"I am not for the war in Iraq because I am talking to an anti-war constituency of the party at this time."
"I am for the war in Iraq because I am talking to a veteran's group at this moment in time although I still have serious concerns about certain things."
"I am not for the war in Iraq because I am on foreign soil at this moment."
"I am for the war in Iraq because my poll numbers show that I should be."

Waiting for the enemy to strike at you at is not only tactically stupid, but also a good way to wind up dead.

History, as taught in our schools and universities is often the greatest work of fiction one can find.

Nothing makes me prouder to be an American than watching those that have freely volunteered to defend our country do so even if they do not agree with the reasons.

You can send 300 people in to the dragon's lair but with out proper planning she'll eat every one of us for lunch.  And I don't feel like sitting around for 2 hours dragging out the bodies.  -Kyel Mourningblade (aka Jeff Jackson) Paladin of Truth, EverQuest

The end result of zero tollerance is the use of zero intelligence.

(I)n order to forge ahead and become an even greater nation there are a few that understand we must take (The Constitution's) words and her spirit and promote them to the rest of the populace and the world as a shining beacon of what can be accomplished by a society of people working together as one nation, under God, indivisible while not rewarding those for things they have not done. (We the People)

It's time in this country that we, as a people, stop being so pigheaded that we can't even admit what the facts are.  It's time that we stop, once and for all, having to be right at all costs instead of seeking out the truth, promoting the truth, and above all else defending the truth rather than our own selfish ideals that don't happen to fit into the mold that is the founding of this country and her greatness.

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