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Liberals are affraid to admit that they are liberals.  But I am proud to call myself an evil conservative.

Pacifism kills pacifists dead.

If Michael Moore said that the Earth was flat and the Moon was made of green cheese, 25% of the American public would probably believe him.

We cannot give up.  Our vigilance and our love of liberty are a fire within us that will keep us warm in the winter of our battle.  And as we stoke that fire within ourselves and all Americans it will keep us going.  It will be our warmth and our light in the dark times to come in this civil war that will either save America or cause the idea of freedom to be discarded into the ash heap of history.  And this fire will lead us to the dawn of springtime and a new age where liberty is once again the king of the American soul.  (No Rest For Patriots)

How is it possible that John Kerry’s candidacy garners less interest than a 1988 Chevy Cavalier with a four inch dent in its bumper or discarded furniture?  How is it possible that in the heart of the rust belt where Democratic social programs are king that people do not even slow down to read the signs of three Kerry supporters promoting a rally that could not be read at 50 mph as we zipped along?  (Less Exciting Than A Car Wreck)

“Campaign Finance Reform” as it was called was the brain child of several politicians including Senator John “Bad Money” McCain to stop good people from doing bad things because of money.  And where did it get us?  It got us to a point where Democrats and surrogates of John Kerry have threatened to sue people that have a different version of events than John Kerry might have. (Bring Back Free Speech)

If John Kerry had won Ohio and the Presidential Election, I wonder if you would have heard Al Gore and other liberals crying "But George Bush won the Popular vote!".

It is time that we draw the line and choose sides in this battle and that is something that many "conservatives" do not want to be held to.  You are either with us and the principles of the Founding Fathers and this Republic, or you are against us. (When Disagreement Is "Hate")

John Kerry is 57 varieties of bull crap.

There is no middle ground in good vs. evil. No excuse not to stand up to evil.

Sure John Kerry was a war hero.  Problem is he did most of his fighting for the Communists.

Not fighting the evil is not an option ... simply because to live life without liberty is not to live but to be enslaved.  It is in these times that our hearts, our minds and our souls are put on trial. (Find the Will to Fight)

Our men and women in uniform to the last man that signed up for service know that one day they may be called to defend this country, shed their blood and even lay to rest their souls on foreign ground as a show of duty and honor for this country. ... Do not dishonor them.  (Find the Will to Fight)

When the evil sees that there is a threat to its existence it will either completely wither and die or move out because evil does not have the courage to fight a battle it is not absolutely certain of winning.

If you support registering firearms or being required to carry a "permit" in order to partake in your second amendment rights, how will you scream foul when the government comes to register your religion and require a "permit" to worship?  When they come for you who will defend you? (Religious Permits and Licenses)

John Kerry and John Edwards...because great hair makes GREAT Presidents. isn't living up to their name.  In the years since the defeat of Al Gore in 2000 they have failed to "move on".

Our laws are made for a righteous people; our land founded on the concept of the Almighty.  We do not need to turn away from He that gave us this land and delivered us from the evils of tyrants that sought to reign in the powers and influence of God. (When Leftists Whine (Part 3))

There are lots of things that amaze me.  The continuing ability of many on the left to spin even the most straight forward events is certainly not one of them.  I learned long ago to not be surprised by that.

The Axis of Liberals...stealing from the rich, becuase they KNOW the RICH stole it!

Someone needs to buy Sandy Bergler(sic) a filing cabinet so that he doesn't need to store his confidential documents in his pants.

Next time 5 muslim men hijack an airplane and fly it into a building, we'll see if liberals still don't want to "racially profile".

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