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I generally answer all mail that I receive.  The exceptions are people that ask me to promote a site that I don't agree with or sites that are simply trying to sell something that I don't see as worthy.  Here I will catalog some of those letters that I have received and answered.  I try and respond to all messages I receive although that is not always possible as some of the letters I get are so unintelligible either in grammar or spelling that it is just impossible to reply to them since I don't know what is even being said.


08/13/05 I'm A Coward? Fawn

08/10/05 10,000 IF We Invade Iraq? Paul

08/05/05 I am accused of wanting to kill black people Fenton

08/01/05 The "Imminent threat" lie (again) Curtis

07/13/05 End American Imperialism Paula
07/09/05 Conservatives Are Evil / Communists Are Good Emmy
07/02/05 Another Liberal Worried About the Supreme Court Art
06/28/05 George Washington Never Professed Belief in God? Unknown Scared Liberal
07/20/04 The November Election Arron
07/18/04 The Marriage Bind Tom
07/01/04 Change the World? eD
06/08/04 Socialism Is the Answer Toni
06/05/04 There are NO JOBS!  R.J.
05/11/04 Nobody But Bush Sally
04/28/04 YOU ARE EVIL!  Mike
04/20/04 Huh What? REf
04/13/04 What News Sources Do You Use? Arn
04/10/04 DRAFT DODGER! Carl
04/08/04 No Doesn't mean NO! Thomas
04/03/04 You Don't Know the Constitution Lubby
03/22/04 Gay Marriage and Black Civil Rights Arlene
03/15/04 CIVIL Disobedience!  10wnj00
02/22/04 A RIGHT To Marry C0nservativeDestroyer
02/09/04 Free the Pigeons! John
01/18/04 You're not helping US Anne
01/15/04 When Disagreement is WRONG! Carrol
12/21/03 A sad, sad day for the left Maxwell
12/15/03 Communism is "peaceful" Kathy
12/07/03 The Controversy over "under God" Terry
10/30/03 A Necessary Disclaimer? Tom
09/02/03 If it walks like a duck... Justine
08/29/03 Don't force religion upon me cR4X0r  (I know it's obviously an alias)
07/15/03 I am part of the vast right wing conspiracy Timmothy, CA
06/16/03 Do you own guns? Tina (PA)
06/10/03 Hitting the Target Jon (FL)
04/16/03 Our failure in Iraq Eric (PA)  We failed in Iraq Eric?  Uh no we didn't.
04/01/03 What about France? Kim (MI)
03/29/03 Religion? Rich (not the same Rich from 03/03/03)
03/03/03 I am a hateful bigot apparently Rich

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