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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:46 AM

Representative Tom Lantos, Democrat/socialist out of California's 12th District spoke that it is wrong to criticize Kofi and the UN over the oil for food scam at a time we are looking at bringing the UN into the fold in Iraq following the June 30th turn over of power. He went on to rationalize this as saying that such criticism is against our national interest

What? It is wrong to criticize corruption? It is against our national interest? What national interest is that Mr. Lantos? Apparently what I see as our national interest differs from your view. I see our national interest as a stable Iraq with a representative government of Iraqis that will make what they will of this chance. You see our national interest as an Iraq over seen by a corrupt, globalist organization who cuts and runs at the first bullet fired and who for over a decade was content to play cat and mouse with Saddam while having member states taking kick backs and bribes.

Of course that is the globalist socialist view. I know that. Exposing corruption is never what socialism wants because the entire ideological system is built upon it. The system is built upon socializing the working man into believing that they need government while the officials in government live high on the hog and outside of that system. So this is nothing at all new for the global socialists.

But at the same time while it is wrong for us to criticize the UN and Kofi for corruption which he oversaw and let to pass and grow like a cancer it is a-ok for the socialists here in the States to constantly question and criticize the Commander in chief (The President) and OUR military. Cries of "What did he know and when" still haven't faded from the left.

That's ok because they don't like the United States. They do, however, LOVE the United Nations. So it doesn't matter if it is broke. It is true what they say. Love IS blind.

Read more about my take on the United Nations Playground of Tyrants

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