Catholic Politicians and Communion

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 6:53 PM

The issue won't seem to go away. And it shouldn't either. Senator John Kerry is still coming under fire as a Catholic who believes in abortion. And members of the Catholic Church continue to say that such positions are contrary to the teachings of the church and that in such cases they should not receive communion.

I'm not Catholic although I am catholic. So I am seeing this from the outside and think that it is a wonderful thing that a church that has over the years bent to the whim of their congregation time and again is finally saying enough is enough. Like I said, I am not Catholic. I don't agree with the teachings of the big "C" catholic church. But I do find myself gaining more and more respect for them each day when they begin to put their foot down.

The church is the church regardless of the denomination. You join a church because you agree with it. If you don't then why are you there? It is not the position of the congregation to mandate to the church. It is the role of the church to mandate to the congregation and for the congregation to follow. And if John Kerry can't abide by the teachings of the Church he chooses to belong to then it is not the role of the Church to make exceptions for him.

Kerry needs to either realize that or find a new home for his faith.

Read: All Men Created Equal by Jeff Jackson @ The Land of the Free

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