Close but no cigar...the status quo wins

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 11:02 AM

In the end, Congressman Pat Toomey could not quiet muster enough votes to oust RINO senator Arlen Specter. The final tally appears to be Specter 51% and Toomey 49%. Exactly as I predicted on Free Conservatives and other boards. It was also a disapointing voter turn out (about 20%) of registered Republicans which is a rant for another day.

Why so close? Why not enough? Two reasons; Santorum and Bush. Between the support that both Senator Santorum and President Bush gave to Senator Specter that was all it took to eek out the narrow victory. And now they shall reap what they have sewn. They shall once again have to deal with a RINO where they could have had a conservative. And they have only themselves to blame.

Specter is most likely a shoe in to win the general election in November unless a couple things happen. First thing that could happen is that those that voted for Specter in the past and Toomey yesterday will not pull any level. In such a case the Democratic Nominee will win. Second thing that could happen is that Toomey votes might see the Democratic Nominee as more conservative and vote that way in November. Again, Specter looses.

Specter has a lot of fence mending to do if he hopes to win what would appear to be his final session in Congress before retiring. He is going to have to convince Conservative Republicans to vote for him one last time. But personally speaking, the only way I will pull the lever for him in November is if he is the most conservative candidate on the ballot. And that is hoping for a lot.

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