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Monday, April 12, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 8:34 PM

It was a bloody week for Americans in Iraq. As progress is being made and the date of turn over of the government draws near, those that are the enemies of free men have begun to strike in a last ditch effort to win the day for evil. They have killed, maimed and kidnapped. They have done everything that evil knows how to do.

War is never simple and despite what video games and other fantasies teach us, death is all too real. One American soldier dead defending liberty is far too many because there is no real reason why anyone should have to die for freedom. No real reason that is except that evil exists and that that evil seeks to destroy liberty and enslave the human soul.

Not fighting the evil is not an option either simply because to live life without liberty is not to live but to be enslaved. It is in these times that our hearts, our minds and our souls are put on trial. But in this trial, we are our own jury. We are our own judge. Do we give up? Do we cut and run? Do we say to the evil that they have won this battle and slink back into our homes hoping and praying for a peaceful tomorrow?

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