It's NOT the Economy Stupid

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 5:05 PM

While I was out today, working hard like a good little conservative, I noticed something odd. I noticed that during rush hour both this morning and this evening that I sat in traffic. And not just a little bit of traffic either. I also noticed that this had been the same as it had been since I returned to the Pittsburgh area in 2000.

But how can this be? I thought that unemployment was so unbearably high in America?

The facts are, despite a "downturn" in the economy the roads are still packed in the morning and in the evening five days a week. Despite claims of rampant unemployment by some political affiliations I still sit in the same amount of traffic today with my fellow workers out early in the morning to win bread for our families. I hope people all over the country will look around and see the same things, and if they do, they will see that the real reason why the economy is so bad is that we are in a political season. Nothing more.

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