Kerry twists the tables again

Friday, April 09, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:31 PM

Kerry is now quoted as disagreeing with Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. Robert Byrd, both of whom have called Iraq, Bush's Vietnam. But not so fast. Kerry, seeing that opposition to the war in Iraq is getting him no where outside of the fringe elements of the Democratic Party has upped the ante.

Kerry says that Iraq is NOT yet like Vietnam, BUT it could become that way. It could become that way, that is, if President Bush is allowed to remain in office. A slick move. He is now attempting to position himself as saying "I can do better" but still without telling us how. He is attempting to position himself as the man that is going to save our soldiers from a quagmire in Iraq. That is, if only we elect him in November.

To be certain it is a change of pace for Kerry in rhetoric. To be certain however, it is nothing more than rhetoric. Kerry has begun his move to the center by admitting that Iraq is not Vietnam. But after months of playing to the radical left-wing base he needed to even get the nomination will it have an effect?

The answer is no as long as we keep pointing out Kerry's flaws and promoting President Bush's at least somewhat on the right track agendas. I have faith that Kerry will continue to stumble. Such problems are not solved overnight. But this is going to be a long hard election cycle. And make no mistake, Kerry is in it to win and with every failed strategy, he'll create a new one to suit new needs.

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