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Friday, April 30, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 8:24 PM

Today, Radio Talkshow Host Glenn Beck made good on his promise to broadcast an abortion on his radio show. Well, sort of. Glenn didn't really broadcast an abortion but, in his typical style he still made the vast majority of his audience anticipate the event and feel the anxiety while thinking about what the procedure would be like.

Mr. Beck has done this before and many of his listeners still don't get it.

He built up the anxiety on all fronts. Pro-lifers sent in emails calling for him to reconsider his position on broadcasting murder. Pro-Abortionists sent in emails calling for him to reconsider. People from all ends of the political spectrum called the FCC to complain and vowed never to listen again.

Their reasons varied from the noble to the absurdity of keeping secret what they call routine "surgery". But all had to come face to face with what they thought was going to happen and never did. Glenn Beck fooled everyone once again into making them think about an issue without actually compromising his own principles and actually putting an abortion on the air. A salute to Mr. Beck for that.

While I doubted since about Wednesday that he was serious about this stunt I had thought long and hard about it. I don't even know what an abortion sounds like. Is there a sound? Would it have been boring silence? I don't know. I did know however that although I doubted Mr. Beck would actually do what he said, I had prepared for it and did kind of anticipate the event.

In the end though, satire and comedy filled the airwaves instead. And Glenn Beck succeeded in broadcasting an abortion on the radio without broadcasting an abortion on the radio. He made us all think of the abortion in our minds, and that is infinitely more powerful than hearing it on the airwaves.

God Bless you Glenn Beck, and to heck with those that just don't get it.

Glenn Beck's website
The Land of the Free on Abortion

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