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Friday, May 21, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 6:11 AM

WND today is running a story about the fake "rape" photos being used by international terrorists to call for jihad. The photos are from movies ,etc produced by Andrea Marchand who is actually quoted as saying:

"I heard about this and saw those articles in some newspapers and on the Internet and I really don't understand how people can use pictures that they don't have any rights to and without asking me,"

Andrea, one more time.




La Voz de Aztlan and Jihad Unspun are both running with the picks. JU is even going so far as to claiming that "In fact, considering the controversy surrounding these photos, it is amazing that this 'legitimate' business has not come forward with details of the photos in question." Which of course is bull and I doubt that they have even tried to verify the pics. And Aztlan is budding terrorist movement here in the SW United States with illegal Mexican immigrants that believe the territory is rightfully theirs. They too will do anything to paint the US as an evil imperialist power because it furthers their cause and promotes their claim to the occupation of the SWUS.

Behold your fellow travelers. They'll stab you in the back anytime it suits their needs. When will people learn.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
Nope, they don't ever seem to learn, do they. Liberals I mean. Sooner or later it is going to sink in that the terrorists don't care about what "rights" you think you have.
This is the first time, I think, that I've posted a comment anywhere using Blogger's new commenting system. I have been running my blog since the fall semester of 2002, and I don't know about the recent changes they've made... I guess many people might find them useful, but I am one that often doesn't like change.

Anyway, this is also the first time that I've been to your blog, and to your website, which I just came across via the 2nd most recent entry at John Cole's blog.

"The Land of the Free" is a good website - it is very well designed. World Net Daily is also a great website. Some of their writers supported the Iraq war, and others opposed it. During the Clinton administration, they were very anti-war, anti-interventionism, anti-state, pro-sovereignty, and pro-liberty. They are still somewhat like that, but less than before... That has happened to a lot of conservatives and Republicans during this administration.

Keep up the good work with your site and blog. Thanks!
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