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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 3:19 PM

The Washington Times ran a story yesterday concerning Fidel Castro and protests he lead against the 44-year embargo by the United States of his island nation.

Some interesting points of note:
"Castro launched the demonstration with denunciations and ridicule of Bush, saying he was fraudulently elected and trying to impose "world tyranny.""

I find it laughable that a communist dictator would ridicule the U.S. for having a fraudulently elected President don't you? But like the socialist left here in the States, Castro ignored the fact that recount after recount showed that President Bush did in fact win Florida. But then again when did the truth ever matter to a communist?

"Scores of printed posters - apparently distributed by the march's organizers - bore swastikas and portrayed Bush in a Nazi uniform with a mustache similar to Hitler's."

Ditto above remarks. Last time I looked, President Bush wasn't sending scores of people in trains to the gas chambers. Oh, but that's right, he killed some of Castro's fellow commie brethren so that makes him Hitler.

""This country could be exterminated ... erased from the face of the earth," Castro told the crowd. But he said it would never fall into "the humiliating condition of a neo-colony of the United States.""

No, you'd rather be in the humiliating position of an island surrounded by fish that can't even feed it's own people because *hint* communism doesn't work. If it did, you'd be a superpower, but as it stands you are only a superficial blemish on humanity.

Come on Castro, show us your power. Oh that's right, you don't have any.

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