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Monday, May 17, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 7:27 PM

This time from China who threatened Taiwan by saying they risked meeting "their own destruction by playing with fire" and failing to rejoin the mainland.

China, doesn't know how to deal with Taiwan, like most communists don't know how to deal with people that don't automatically accept their word as law. So what do they do? They threaten them.

Yeah, that's a REAL good way to get people to see things your way.

Taiwan is a thorn in Red China's side because they refuse to accept their rule and because China has a budding pro-democracy movement on its hands. Communists can't have that.

There are countries that are much larger threats to China than Taiwan. The United States for one. But communists learned their lessons after the Soviet Union fell. The saw how the Soviet war machine was always able to win against strategically weaker foes and gobbling up countries to become the "eastern block". But when they faced down a big dog with teeth things fell apart.

Hey, communists are finally starting to learn from history! A marvelous first step. So what do they do with this new found knowledge? They pick on the little guy sitting on their doorstep who happens to be a democracy.

News Flash there Red China. Attack Taiwan, and the USS Kittyhawk will be on your ass like flies on poop.

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