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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 2:18 PM

I've been being quiet as I consumed the events that lead to the brutal death of Nick Berg in Iraq at the hands of terrorist thugs. I saw a news report this morning that had his father putting a sign out in the yard claiming to the effect "War is not the Answer" and possibly even blaming President Bush. So I know where he is coming from while dishonoring the memory of his son.

But my message today is more important than that. My message is to Senator Edward Kennedy and others on the left whom just don't get it. Michael Savage has some of the images up on his website. I want you all to look. I want you to see what happens when people like Senator Ted Kennedy give aid and comfort to the enemies of America from the floor of the Senate while vying for political advantages.

Look and see what degrading the U.S. because of what a few soldiers did causes. Look at what calling the U.S. prisons no better than Saddam's torture chambers has caused. And make no mistake, Senator Kennedy, you are responsible.

Our enemies watching you on the floor bloviating about whatever topic you so choose and slamming the United States draw strength from your words. They grow bolder and more brazen. And because of this our men and women in uniform, and those there voluntarily like Nick Berg are put at elevated risk because you care more about political advantage than the truth.

The same thing goes for all the rest of the liberal left in this country.

They learned that they could destroy a country's resolve during Vietnam and they will try and do it again. They learned that pacifying Americans and convincing them not to fight and pretending that America is the biggest imperialist nation on this plant could win them political power.

No more Kennedy. No more.

I've had it with you. Look at the pictures and see what your actions cause.


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