Painting by numbers (or waging war on polls)

Monday, May 03, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 7:43 PM

Iraq has been a great success although not without its set backs. Despite the moans of the critics, who mostly sat around through the Clinton years and now lament their chance to have nipped terrorism in the bud, Iraqis are infinitely better off today than under Saddam.

But in those isolated pockets where ruminants of Saddam's regime and foreign fighters have gathered, the U.S. has taken a soft handed approach, not at all typical of President Bush's other actions in the War on Terror. The military is treating the insurgents with kid gloves instead of the shock and awe that caused Saddam's military to fumble and fade. No doubt this is in response to the recent polls which seem to suggest that Iraqi's are unhappy that the U.S. has not yet left Iraq. No doubt these actions are an attempt to garner favor and portray us as a non-occupying force by allowing Iraqi militia members to take control of the situation while Marines hover on the outskirts.

Waging war on poll numbers is dangerous. It puts our troops in harms way. And make no mistake, this is still a war.

When the enemy fires at you, you destroy them. You don't talk about it. You don't negotiate when you are in a superior position. Peace through superior fire power wins the day, and an iron hand wins the war. These terrorists and their allies are not to be taken lightly. They are dangerous. And they will be even more dangerous if we let them think they can negotiate with us.

War is not like civilian life. It is hard and it is brutal. But war is fought so that people can live in peace. The kid gloves must come off until those that would be the enemies of a free Iraq are smitten. Now is not the time to try and be seen as the "nice guy". Now is the time to secure the future for the peace loving people of Iraq.

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