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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 5:47 PM

The Associated Press today confirmed that the substance suspected to be sarin in a bomb casing from Iraq was indeed sarin. And while the origin of the shell is unknown it's use in Iraq is certainly suspect enough to suggest that indeed there are WMDs lurking in the desert waiting to be found.

Sarin is a deadly nerve agent that even in small quantities can prove fatal. It was also one of several types of weapons not fully accounted for by Saddam per the 1991 ceasefire agreement and subsequent UN resolutions.

I must say, this is certainly not good for the socialists on the left crying foul over being lead into Iraq under false pretenses. Of course WMDs were only one of several reasons, but that is the one that they have seized upon to decry conservatives over. Now what?

Now what is that we must be even more careful. Because now, not only does it appear that there are at least some WMDs still hidden in Iraq, but also that the terrorists know where they are and can get them. This is even more dangerous for our troops and for the Iraqi people.

One artillery shell of any number of WMDs can cause quite extensive damage. They are easily hidden, easily moved and easily used when the time is right.

The stakes just got a little bit higher. The days just got a little bit longer.

Watch your backs boys. We want as many of you home safe as we can. Don't let them take you by surprise.

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