When Leftists Whine...

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 8:02 PM

Due to the actions of about 0.05% of our men and women in Iraq, Congressional Socialists are ratcheting up their calls for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign citing, I suppose, the "buck stops here" mentality that they hold Conservatives to but don't agree in abiding to themselves.

Rumsfeld resign? Over the actions of 0.05% of our troops. How utterly repulsive to suggest. If all it takes is 0.05% to constitute the resignation of a supervisor that most likely had no control over the situation then when will the leadership of the Senate Democrats resign over the racist dealings of Senator Robert KKK Byrd?

Byrd is one of 48 Senatorial Democrats who has never really renounced his affiliation with the Klan. He is also 2% of their numbers in the Senate. Therefore if the deplorable actions of 0.05% is enough to call for Rumsfeld's head, 2% is more than enough to call for the resignation of ALL Senatorial Democrat leaders.

But of course they wont do that because this, like so much from the left side of the isle is not about anything other than pure partisan, get President Bush at all costs politics. With their John Kerry slipping in the polls day after day and not being able to avoid foot in mouth disease the Senators are attempting ANYTHING they can think of to distract attention from a man that doesn't know what to say.

Coming from those that feigned support for this country post 9/11 to not appear too anti-American though this is nothing new. They have been against this war from the moment the twin towers fell and they knew President Bush would actually act unlike in 1993 when former President Clinton couldn't be bothered. But once again their true colors are showing through.

Anything to get power back. Win at all costs. Even if it means trashing America,

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