Berkeley at it AGAIN!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 8:30 AM

What is it they have done again you ask? They have passed a resolution that recommends a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit Corporations from having Constitutional Rights.

Berkeley, for all the supposedly "smart" people that attend college in the town seems to have a problem retaining those people and actually putting any of that knowledge to good use. What is a "corporation"? A corporation is a group of "people" (all of which have Constitutional Rights) that come together to pursue a goal.

Since "corporations" are "people" and the "people" have certain rights, then the "corporation" has those rights as well. If it did not then the "people" that make up the "corporation" would lose their Constitutional Rights by default.

And that is EXACTLY what the wack-jobs in the socialist republic of Berkeley want. They don't like our rights because they extend to you an me as well as them. Socialism and Communism don't work as long as that is true. They only begin to work when "rights" are taken away from the "people" (other than themselves of course). Make no mistake, this call for action is NOT without a plan.

And that plan is to gain a foothold to removing individual rights by declaring someone as part of an evil "coproration". Once they do that, then all they have to do is make the case that any group of people are a "corporation" and thus not entitled to their rights and privilege under the United States constitution.

Read the story: World Net Daily

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