Clinton still can't admit he is a bad man

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 5:25 PM

Nope. Still cannot do it. Promoting his new book, former President Clinton said things such as that Ken Starr would not be allowed to be a prosecutor against him in any court (BBC interview) and that his affair with Lewinski was the result of Republicans shutting down the government and thereby causing only a few people to be around him in the White House (Oprah).

He is still full of himself.

Mr. Former President, I remind you that it was Janet Reno that ordered Ken Starr and told him what to investigate. Who hired Ms. Reno? Why YOU DID!

Mr. Former President, I remind you that it was YOU that was disbarred and prohibited from practicing law. It WASN'T Ken Starr

Mr. Former President, I remind you that YOU chose to stick your willy in Monica's mouth and no amount of blaming the Republicans is going to change that.

Former President Clinton still has much to realize about being a man. He still cannot seem to take responsibility very well and is still to this day looking to blame other people for his transgressions. Who was it that slandered and innocent man so that he could have his buddies running the White House Travel Office?

If you listen to Slick Willy long enough, he'll blame the Republicans for that one too.

Grow up Bubba. This isn't the trailer park playground anymore. This is real life. Take it like a man and move on.

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