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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 7:59 AM

Yesterday, a group of environ-commies broke into property owned by the Hatfield's Ferry Power Station in Pennsylvania and climber the coal plant's 700 foot stack. Greenpeace said that this plant was "a symbol and an example of the Bush administration's dirty energy policy, which consistently favors polluting fossil fuel over clean energy sources, such as wind and solar."

The two issues this raises are serious ones. Firstly if a handful of environ-commies can break into a powerplant so easily and not be detected until they have climbed the plant's stack, imagine how easy it would be for a terrorist to get onto the property.

Secondly, is that Greenpeace had better be held accountable for what they now spew as double speak. If these protestors think that Greenpeace is SO much in favor of clean energy such as "wind", maybe they should think again. Greenpeace, the same self proclaimed champions of "wind" power, protested against the building of a massive wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts, Cape Cod. They were on the side of the NIMBY enviro-commies that SCREAM for wind power to make the environment "cleaner" yet want them built in YOUR back yard; not their's.

Ah the great Communist plan. Get their way at the cost of the "little people" and the "little people's" property. No, we can't build the wind farm off of Cape Cod because it would ruin the view for the enviro-commies. Instead we should build it in YOUR back yard because, well you are insignificant and YOUR view of the sky isn't that important.

These "environmentalists" don't want clean air. They want power. Otherwise they would have jumped at supporting this Cape Cod project. So before these naive Greenpeace activists in PA spout what Greenpeace wants, perhaps they should actually read what Greenpeace does.

But then again, the truth is a secondary cause to the pursuit of power.

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