When Priests Attack...

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 10:54 AM

Priest Beats Up Would-Be Robbers

Friday, June 25, 2004

A tough Chicago priest foiled two would-be robbers who tried to steal money from the church collection box, keeping one of them in a headlock until the cops came.

St. Agnes' Church (search) in the city's West Side had been robbed before, reports WBBM-TV, so video cameras were installed overlooking the collection box.

On Wednesday afternoon, church volunteers saw a man lay out tools and try to break into the box, which was holding about $300.

Father Matt Foley ran in and grabbed the man's tools, but the crook fought back, and the tussle wandered into the street, then a nearby alley.

"He had threatened me that he had a knife," Foley told the TV station. "I had to physically keep his hand away from the knife so I wouldn't be harmed. So I put him basically in a half-nelson and held him to the ground."

I predict the following leftwing response:

"This 'attack' by the church upon our legal system and our state system of law enforcement cannot go unpunished. Because there is a CLEAR separation of 'church and state' laid out in the Constitution, Father Matt Foley must be arrested for interfering which the State's right to punish criminals and enforce the law. We cannot allow an official of the 'church' to decide the guilt or innocence of this man before a trial and assault him. Also the fact that he proudly proclaimed 'No one steals from God' is equally offensive. His statements imply that this 'God' figure is some sort of 'Supreme Being' that is above us all. Thus we announce today that we are filing papers in Federal Court to this attack by the 'church' upon a citizen of the United States for violating Constitutional Law."

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