4th of July

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 11:58 AM

Today's prayer:

Lord, our Father in Heaven, grace us with Your wisdom and Your blessing. In these times of trouble and growing darkness we pray that you shall continue to watch over us and grant us the continued favor of Your Divine Providence which has lead us, as a Nation, since 56 brave men pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on this day in 1776.

With Your Hand you guided them through the darkness of tyranny and oppression that surrounded them. With Your Hand you guided their offspring as they struggled against darkness in their own time against the Islamic pirates of the Barbary States, against the clouds of a German imperialist State in World War I, against the threat of fascist German and imperialist's Japanese States in World War II, and against the evils of the Soviet State through years of fear of nuclear destruction.

You have not given us clean and swift victory against evil and for that we do indeed thank You. For time and again You have shown us, your children, the horrors of this evil and the results of it when good men do nothing for years. You have shown those that would turn away from Your grace time and again the folly of their actions and the evil within themselves which can only lead to more devastation.

You have shown us the Evil among us and remind us that we as men must be strong and desirous to defeat this Evil. And You have shown us that when we are such, Your sword is swift and powerful and unrelenting against that evil.

And we thank You, on this 4th of July, for the wisdom you endowed to 56 men who did indeed, for the most part, lose their lives and their fortunes in the coming years against Evil. But never once did you take from them their sacred honor. Never once did you take from them anything but that which they freely pledged to lose in you name.

And today we ask that You, our Father, guide with Divine Providence this nation and her soldiers as they fight the new darkness that has come upon this Earth. We ask that You watch over each and every one of our men and women fighting against those that would destroy the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And while we know that many will lose their lives in this struggle, and some may even give up their rights to fortunes to serve this country under Your name, we promise to you, our Lord, this day that we will never doubt or stain their sacred honor before your grace.


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