Flipping on Berger

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:52 AM

In the past Democrats have touted the "seriousness" of the charge as enough to investigate anything they could dream up concerning a Republican. In the past that is.

Mr. Berger is being investigated for removing classified documents from the National Archives. This is not a new investigation. It has been on going. However in typical Liberal fashion, only once it was brought to light was there any attempt to distance John Kerry from Mr. Berger. Now, Democrats are concerned about the "timing" of the release that there was an investigation into Mr. Berger doing something that he admitted to doing and knew full well he SHOULD NOT have done.

And it is the "timing" that has the Democrats in the uproar. The "seriousness" of the charge and the fact that Mr. Berger admitted to what he did means nothing. It means nothing in a political season where the left is so desperate to get their power back that ANYTHING goes. No matter how disingenuous.

The "timing" is not what is disturbing. What is disturbing is that Mr. Berger did a bad thing that he knew was a bad thing and then "lost" some of the documents in the process. How convenient.

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