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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 7:39 PM

Rumors have been flying lately about President Bush making a 'surprise' visit to the Olympics, presumably to pay a visit to the Iraqi soccer team who no longer has to fear punishment from Saddam Hussein if they lose. Drudge reports "Said one Iraqi mid fielder, 'Iraq as a team does not want President Bush to use us for the presidential campaign. He can find another way to advertise himself.' The Bush campaign has run ads in which the flags of both Iraq and Afghanistan appear and the narration mentions that two more free nations are participating at these Olympics."

Ok then fine. Here my proposal. Release Saddam Hussein and give him domain over a 2 acre plot of sand in Iraq. We'll call it "Saddamland" and give him dictatorial power there. In addition we will return to Saddam all his implements of torture. Then we'll make this retard his first subject and see how he likes it.

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