Poor Wittle Johnie...

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 6:58 PM

The American Spectator is reporting that rough and tough manly man and War Hero John Kerry was claimed to be "visibly upset at the reception he received at the VFW convention on Wednesday in Cincinnati." according to several staffers.

Apparently Sen. Kerry didn't get a very warm welcome. He was instead however greeted by "polite applause in the large auditorium, with many VFW members sitting with their arms crossed and not applauding at all. A few VFW members stood in the rear of the room with their backs turned to the dais."

Gee John, who'd a thunk it huh? I mean sure you came back from Vietnam and trashed the military, calling our soldiers baby killers and war criminals but they should have forgiven you by now right? Wrong.

Kerry continues to live in his own little fantasy land and reading from his own book of fictitious "Kerrytales" and is apparently starting to believe his own hype. Sooner or later though he is going to get struck in the nose often enough with the facts that he might actually wake up from his dream state...maybe.

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