Youth Rebellion?

Monday, August 30, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 6:38 PM

When the Kerry daughters were roundly booed at the MTV Music Awards over the weekend, liberals were stunned. When the Bush daughters didn't get the same response, the wet themselves.

"What is going on?" they asked themselves. "We own MTV!" they complained to their fellow travelers. Well not so fast it seems.

Part of it is undoubtedly the deep divide in America over politics where 40% of America is Soicialist or Communist and 40% is Moderate to Conservative with 20% left not knowing what they are. But, once again, it shows that people tend to react negatively when they have politics shoved in their faces when they expect a non political event.

Don't believe the hype. The election isn't as close as it seems.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
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