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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 10:34 PM

Kerry mentioned 5 or 6 times that he was in Vietnam. Did you know that? Kerry berated our allies in Iraq (twice) as pretty much insignificant because they have fewer feet on the ground. He failed to acknowledge that they had any significance in Iraq. Senator Kerry talked about US policy passing a "global test" instead of acting firmly as a sovereign nation. John Kerry continually asked to lead this nation and our troops while still standing by his "wrong" war at the "wrong" time rhetoric which demoralizes them. Senator Kerry claimed to have a better plan and said that he would hold meetings to solve problems which got us real far with Iraq right? He said that he has been consistent...despite starting off pro-war...then going anti-war...then saying that he supported the war...then saying it was the "wrong war" at the "wrong time"...all within a matter of months. He called out for change, but offered nothing of substance...unless you count his service in Vietnam which he liked to mention over and over.

President Bush pointed out what he had done over the first 4 years of his Presidency. He didn't berate our allies and when John Kerry claimed that President Bush wasn't doing things such as holding summits, President Bush reminded him that that was not true. He reminded us that he has been the consistent one with one vision that has not wavered. President Bush reminded us that he has lead a coalition and that he will not look for a "global test" before defending America and he reminded us that America is capable of fighting on multiple fronts at once despite the pessimism of his opponent.

All in all I call it a win for the President.

Leave a comment if you like! *Note if you are a left wing, tin hat wearing, pro-Marxist loon that likes to post "anonymously" you will be treated like the kook you are!
Um did you watch the debate? Kerry didn't berate our allies, he berated the president for not getting more allies. And he is right about the summits, there HAVE BEEN NO SUMMITS, the summits the president talked in his response are ones that are scheduled for the future; probably as a result of Kerry bringing it up.

A win for the president? Maybe if you keep score with awkward pauses, verbal miscues, and creepy mouth tweaks it was a win for the president. Did Bush rehearse at all?
Another cowardly liberal who is too ashamed to attach his/her name to his/her comments. Yes, I did watch the debate, Apparently you did not. Twice, Kerry down played the contributions of our allies. Twice. Did you catch it? Or were you two busy admiring Kerry's tan?

He even ignored Poland and was caught by the embarrasingly by the President.

Secondly, the summits have been planned for some time. I know it is easy for you to believe that Bush just simply claimed that there would be summits in response to Kerry since you seem to think Kerry has all the answers.

The question is did Kerry rehearse at all because his responses were canned.

And like Kerry you had nothing to say in your attempt to respond. You attempt to claim Kerry didn't do something that he did (berate our allies twice). You attempt to claim that summits are only being planned in response to Kerry wanting them without evidence and ignored every other point I brought up simply because you couldn't come up with some snide comment.

Try again if you like but next time be a man/woman and at least have the balls to attach your name to your comments.
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