Hello? CBS? Anyone Home?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:51 AM

In the week since Dan Rather went on 60 Minutes with documents showing that President George Bush failed in his duty while serving in the Texas Air National Guard, we have heard hardly a peep. The documents, now widely considered to be forgeries which mysteriously line up with the default settings of Microsoft Word (which did not exist when the memos where to have been written) and have numerous other discrepancies have come under much scrutiny by everyone. Everyone it seems except CBS and some at the DNC.

There are still many lingering questions. Some of the "experts" that supposedly verified the documents have not been named by CBS and CBS is holding tightly to the source of the documents.

The question is why is CBS holding the name of the source of fraudulent documents a tightly guarded secret and even refusing to rule out the DNC or it's operatives? CBS should be exposing the source of this fraud just as they so eagerly jumped on the documents at first.

Come on. We know why CBS is holding it's tongue. They are holding the source so tightly for only one reason and that reason is the source must be powerful enough to give them something in the future. It's not some nobody without any power. Of that you can be sure.

So who can this person or persons be? Who has the most to gain from leaking fake documents? Think McAuliffe, Begala, Carville and the rest of the DSS. That's the Democratic Smear Squad incase you were wondering.

These are the only people powerful enough that would want President Bush defeated in November that could have the influence enough to make CBS choke on it's own story. And while CBS delays, the paper shredders are churning and the delete keys are being pressed to erase as much of a connection as possible between the forged documents and the DNC/John Kerry campaign.

All that will be left at best will be scattered bits of information that don’t connect all that well and leaves enough room for denial and maybe make some low level operative look like the sole guilty party. That is, unless CBS grows a pair and outs them.

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