The Truth Be Damned!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 9:52 AM

The DNC launched a new television ad again attacking President Bush for his service in the Texas Air National Guard. This is of course the third or fourth time during elections that they have tried this tactic without success. A transcript posted at is rather amusing reading.

It builds to Ben Barnes admitting that he gave President Bush preferential treatment at the time. What it fails to admit is that Ben Barnes' own daughter has called her father (politely) a liar. She is on the record as saying that her father told her that he never did such things.

What the ad further goes on to not mention is that when she went public with this confession of her father's words he had his secretary call Sean Hannity, pretend to represent his daughter and try to cancel an interview. What is not mentioned is that Ben Barnes is a powerful figure in Senator Kerry's Presidential Campaign. What is not mentioned is that for 30 years Mr. Barnes said exactly the opposite of what he is saying today.

Hmmmm. But then again you don't expect the DNC to tell you the facts to let you decide do you?

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