The Wheels Are Falling Off The Bus

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Posted by J. J. Jackson @ 5:01 PM

As if things weren't bad enough for Senator Kerry! He's already drawn the ire of many veteran's groups including the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for failing to at least renounce his 1971 Senate testimony where he accused soldiers of war crimes on a day to day basis and admitted himself to being a war criminal. But now, at least one vet is publicly recanting his testimony during the "Winter Soldier" hearings.

Not only that but Steve Pitkin as World Net Daily Reports goes further to claim that he was coerced into lying about war crimes that he did not commit by the event's leaders.

Uh oh.

But Vietnam is old news. It is readily seen to anyone watching without an agenda that those vets such as Senator Kerry that returned home and made grandiose claims where either willing dupes, political oportunists or among the few that committed war crimes while in Vietnam and tried to cover their guilt with the "Well EVERYONE else was doing it!" excuse.

But then again Vietnam is old news. At least until Senator Kerry speaks. Seems like he can't go more than a day without referencing his service and tooting his own horn about how heroic his 4 months in actual combat were. He has three purple hearts. Did you know that?

Of course you did. He mentions Vietnam every chance he gets because he has little to speak of otherwise. And that is why Vietnam will not go away. That is why Vietnam is an issue today. And that is why every time he turns around, the Kerry Campaign Bus looses another wheel.

I wonder how many spares he has got left.

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